About Us

Oxan Inc. is a luxury outerwear resource servicing specialty and department stores in the United States. The company started over twenty years ago, by Emre Oksan as part of his class project at Northwestern University during his MBA.

Oxan has four in-house brands; Vericci, Autunno, Kushi and Lina Pelicci.

In its early years, Oxan concentrated on shearling and fur fashion with its AUTUNNO brand; acquired VERICCI in 2000 expanding into fine Italian and Spanish leathers in youthful missy styles. Both brands have a strategic focus on affluent consumers that have active life styles.

The company launched its’ KUSHI brand in 2004 to experiment the lighter side of leather in hand-made artisan jackets. Finally, LINA PELICCI was introduced to offer updated basics to image conscious value shoppers.


Autunno:  Collection of classic yet updated silhouettes mainly in finest Merino skins.  Autunno prides itself in identifying and combining the latest techniques and trends in its sheepskin and fur collections.

Kushi:   The collection consists of more contemporary silhouettes with novelty applications of fabrics, linings, laser treatments, weave designs with leather.

Lina Pelicci:  The collection consists of basic looks updated with new skin treatments, trims, perforations with a main focus on marrying everyday design and value.

Vericci:  Collection of timeless silhouettes using the finest Lamb skins with a silky hand and a luxurious look. Specific focus is on mixing a variety of different furs as trim and linings.

Vericci recently introduced its “Revive By Vericci” program aimed in assisting furriers to provide more options to their customers in their restyle needs.

Revive by Vericci is a modular remodel program that offers 30 contemporary yet forgiving styles that customers have the option to select one to three styles for their old fur to be restyled into. Revive offers fur owners more options to enjoy their fur coat or have their children and grandchildren share in their joy.

Oxan’s core principles are value centric unique designs, commitment and consistency and operational excellence.  We welcome any additional question about our company and its philosophy.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at (973) 633-0300.